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Shopping in the 9 Straatjes

by Jeronimo
9 straatjes shopping district Amsterdam

Shopping in the 9 Straatjes (Nine streets)

The ‘9 straatjes’ means the little 9 streets, a small neighborhood on the west side of the city center. It’s an area which consists of 9 streets located between the canals Keizersgracht, Herengracht, Singel and Prinsengracht.

The shops are located in those typical old buildings in Amsterdam. This part in Amsterdam was constructed back in the 17the century. It is not a crowded shopping area like the Kalverstraat, here you shop at ease.

Vintage Store at 9 straatjes Amsterdam

Vintage stores in the 9 straatjes

Vintage stores at 9 straatjes

Don’t expect to find some major brand stores here. You will not find them here. Instead, you will find little vintage stores and 2nd hand clothes.

restaurant in the 9 straatjes in Amsterdam

Have a lunch or dinner in one of the cozy restaurants

Coffee or lunch

The area is provided with cozy coffee bars where you can just relax and have a coffee from a barista. Or just have a lunch in one of the small restaurants for a healthy lunch.

A chocolate store in one of the 9 straatjes in Amsterdam

Check the chocolate store!

Apart from clothing and shoes, take a look at the art shops, bookstores and jewellery shops.

Other view of the 9 straatjes

Map of the 9 straatjes

The houseboat museum is also located in this area. Check this museum how people live in boats on the canals!

More shopping in Amsterdam in the Hudson’s Bay, the Bijenkorf and Kalverstraat.

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Open: Most shops open between 10 AM and 11 AM and close between 6 and 7 PM. Sunday from 12 PM to 6 PM.
Address: see the map


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