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Events in Amsterdam

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During summer season several major and big events take place in Amsterdam. On Kingsday the city seems to be just one big party. During Pride Amsterdam, the most important day is the day of the Canal Parade. These 2 days a year Amsterdam get’s really crowded. During these days there is a brilliant vibe in the city, along the canals with a lot of music.

Sport events are also organized like the marathon of Amsterdam, the ‘Dam tot Dam loop’ (running event) and cultural events like the Light Festival and the Canal Festival.

kingsday event in amsterdam

When: each year on April 27th


Nowadays we celebrate King’s Day in The Netherlands. Our first King’s Day was in 2014, just one year after the abdication of the queen, now Princess Beatrix. If The Kingdom of The Netherlands has a queen, this day is called Queen’s Day, in case we have a king it’s called King’s Day.

Since April 30th, 2013 Willem Alexander is the King of The Kingdom of the Netherlands. That’s why the Dutch will celebrate King’s Day for the next decades.

People at the canals during Kings Day in Amsterdam


King’s Day will take place each year on April 27th, in 2024 that will be on Saturday, April 27th. If you have an older version of a travel guide or outdated online information you will probably see the date April 30th. That was Queen’s Day.

So, remember: The Dutch celebrate now King’s Day on April 27th! Queen’s Day on April 30th is history.

King’s Day is the birthday of Queen Willem Alexander. Queen’s Day, however, was not officially Princess Beatrix’s birthday, that is 31st of January. It was her mother’s birthday, Princess Juliana. At the time Princess Beatrix took over the throne from her mother, she announced Queen’s Day would be continued on April 30th. That made the Dutch people happy as well, celebrating Queen’s day during winter time wasn’t a promising perspective.

Boat on canal during Kings Day event in Amsterdam


On King’s Day, or major sports events, when the Dutch national team will play, people will dress in orange. The orange color is not on the Dutch flag, that is red/white/blue.

The reason for the orange color is the link with the Dutch Royal Family, it is in a part of their name: Prins(ess) of Oranje-Nassau (oranje is the Dutch word for orange). It is associated with the title ‘Prins of Orange’, a title originally associated with the sovereign Principality of Orange. If you want to read more about this, see the wiki page.

Amsterdam get's crowded on King's Day


Actually there are 4 major events:

  1. King’s Day Night
  2. The street market
  3. The festivities in and around the canals
  4. The dance festivals in and around Amsterdam

King's Day Night

King’s Day night is the night before King’s Day. Along the canals bars and restaurants have small band’s or DJ’s performing and people enjoy their drinks outside if it isn’t too cold 😉

The Street market

The street market starts from early in the morning. Where? Everywhere! People sell their second-hand stuff on the street (tip: take some small cash money). Everything is sold, clothes, books, toys, DVD’s and so on. If you want a good spot, you need to get up early in the morning.

Children are selling as well or performing, just to earn some money. There is a special ‘child market’ this day in the Vondel Park. And mind you, it can be very busy at the Vondel Park this day!

Orange cake and drinks

The festivities in and around the canals

After the night, the party continues along the canals and the boats. You just have to see it. Walk along the canals and just hook on at some party!

Dance festivals in and around Amsterdam

Major dance events take place in and around Amsterdam. DJ’s from the DJ Mag top 100 will perform. For these events, you need to order tickets in advance as these events will sell out.

Loveland van Oranje Festival

One of the major outdoor festivals in Amsterdam on King’s Day.

For tickets and more information see the Loveland website.

General info King's Day event in Amsterdam

When: April 27, each year


  • the city can get very crowded this day and a bit noisy due to all the festivities
  • within the city center, public transport will not operate all lines (except the subway)
  • taxi’s and cars are not allowed to enter the city center

If you arrive or leave Amsterdam on this day, make sure you can get to the airport on time or do count on delays in getting to your hotel.


When: August 3rd 2024

The Gay Pride Canal Parade is by far one of the biggest events in Amsterdam during the summer season. Like many people know, Amsterdam is open to everyone, despite color, gay, lesbian and transgender. The city is full of vibes and a lot of gay and straight events take place in the city.

The entire event takes place from Saturday 27th of July  to Sunday 4th of August 2024. The most famous day is the last Saturday of the event, the day of the Canal Parade. In 2024 this will be Saturday 3rd of August. The canals of Amsterdam will be full with totally crazy decorated boats full of party people!

Take your phone/camera with you as this will be a memorable day.

Canal Parade Amsterdam during Amsterdam Pride

Tip: make sure you get your spot along the canals in the early morning because this day Amsterdam get’s really crowded especially when the weather forecast is good.


Venue info

The events take place in the city center on Saturday 3rd  of August along Amsterdam’s canals.

The Canal Parade starts about 12:00 noon near Amsterdam Central Station and from there the parade starts the canal tour. The Canal Parade ends at 6 PM.

There is no admission fee.

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