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by Jeronimo

About Travel in Amsterdam

We have launched Travel in Amsterdam in December 2017 so we are still busy to fill this website with more blogs and articles. There is a lot more to come!

We are a small team living in the Amsterdam area and we do enjoy the city as much as you probably will do. The city has a tremendous vibe and especially during the spring and summer season the cities real ambiance starts! People prepare their boats to enjoy Amsterdam from the canals, the outdoor events season starts and everybody enjoys the terraces till late.

Canal boat in Amsterdam

One of the many canal boats in Amsterdam

Why Travel in Amsterdam?

Well, there are more websites out there about Amsterdam. However, if you are going to visit a city, you want to know quickly what you should know and especially what to see. We gather the most important information for you together with photos and video to give you a general first impression and inspire you to visit the city and all its highlights!

If you are looking for the cheapest way to spend your stay in Amsterdam or looking for bargains, you will not find it on our website. It’s simply not the best way to explore the city and you will miss the best what the city has to offer you.

Red and yellow tulips of Amsterdam

Tulips from Amsterdam!

Outside Amsterdam

The public transport in The Netherlands does connect Amsterdam with a lot of other places of interest, like the tulip fields for instance.
We will inform you soon about day trips which you can take by public transport.


If you have any questions or remarks about our website, let us know. If you have any creative ideas we should consider, let us know.

We hope you enjoy our site and enjoy your stay in Amsterdam!

Jeronimo, Editor-in-Chief



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