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A’DAM Lookout observation deck

by Jeronimo
A'DAM Lookuit observation desk

A’DAM Lookout 360º Observation deck

Amsterdam Lookout or A’DAM Lookout is the observation deck on top of the A’DAM Tower, just across the IJ-river in the North of Amsterdam.

The tower was built in 1967 and became operational as an office in 1971 for the Shell Oil and Gas company. In 2016 the tower reopened after a complete renovation and change of owners and now Amsterdam has its observation deck, one of the newest attractions in Amsterdam. The tower has This is Holland as neighbor.

The Adam Tower with the Amsterdam Lookout

The A’DAM Lookout is on top of the Adam Tower

Now the A’DAM Tower consists of:

  • The A’DAM Lookout Observation Desk, a 360 ° Skydeck
  • The Sir Adam hotel
  • Shelter, one of the newest clubs in Amsterdam
  • Moon, a 360 rotating restaurant
  • Madam, skybar and restaurant
  • Offices where music-related companies are located
The view from the Amsterdam Lookout

Enjoy an amazing view at the city centre of Amsterdam!

The Observation deck

The observation deck is on the 21st floor of the tower. From the ground floor, an elevator with a light show takes you to the 20th floor in 20 seconds. To get to the observation deck you have to take the stairs once you have left the elevator.

Central Station view from the Amsterdam Lookout

View at Amsterdam Central Station

From the observation deck, you have breathtaking views of Amsterdam’s ancient city center, the back of Amsterdam Central Station, the IJ river and much more!

The swing at Amsterdam Lookout

For the daredevils: the swing (photo credit: adamlookout.com)

Europes highest swing at A’DAM Lookout

The swing will let you swing 100 meters above the ground with for spectacular views! The swing is open daily from 10:30 AM. You will need a regular ticket for the Observation deck and a separate ticket for the swing.
A ticket for the swing is € 5,- per person, there are 2 chairs in each swing so you can take your loved one or your travel buddy with you.
The swing is not suitable for children smaller than 1.30 meters.

See the video about A’DAM Lookout and the swing

Watch the spectacular views!

A’DAM Lookout location

The A’DAM Tower is just at the other side of the IJ river, just take at the back of Amsterdam Central Station the free ferry across.


[panel type=”info” heading=”General info A’DAM Lookout” footer=””]
Open: Daily from 10 AM to 10 PM, last admission at 9 PM
Ticket: € 12,50 per adult
Address: Overhoeksplein 5, Amsterdam
TIP: have a drink at Madam, Madam is still open after 10 PM

Photo credit header photo: adamlookout.com

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Shelly 11th December 2017 - 5:49 PM

Wha a great view of Amsterdam here!
I wanted to in the swing with my boyfriend but he refused!
He took a beer below in MADAM …


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