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First visit to Amsterdam?

by Jeronimo
Damrak in Amsterdam

Your first visit to Amsterdam?

For sure you will have some questions. Find below the most common questions about your first time visit to Amsterdam.

Is Amsterdam a country?

No, it’s not. Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands or Holland. Read more at Where is Amsterdam?

What language do they speak in Amsterdam?

Naturally, it’s Dutch but English is widely spoken throughout the city and The Netherlands. Other languages are Spanish and German however these are less spoken.

Trams Amsterdam at Central Station

The trams in Amsterdam

Do trams and trains run 24/7?

No, roughly trams and the subway do not run between 01 AM and 5:30 AM. If you need transport between those hours you have to take a taxi.
Trains from Amsterdam Central Station to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, however, do run between 01 AM and 5:30 AM once per hour. Check departure times at the NS site (Dutch Railway Company)

Do you pay in euro in Amsterdam?

Yes, the currency in The Netherlands is the euro. All credit cards are accepted as well. Remember, paying with credit card is not very common in The Netherlands since the Dutch have their own digital payment system with bank cards. However, you should take a credit card with you to Amsterdam since ticket machines (among them for public transport) and parking machines do not accept cash

If you go to small shops it’s better to pay in cash.

Bikes everywhere in the city, just one op the bike parkings

Beware of … bikes!

Travelling around in Amsterdam by car is a real hassle and for that reason, a lot of people use their bikes. There is an estimated number of 880.000 bikes (!) in Amsterdam whilst the city has around 835.000 inhabitants. And bikes come from each direction!! Even a red light does not stop the bikers. A one-way road in Amsterdam means no cars from the opposite direction, but bikes always are allowed to use one-way roads in each direction.

When you are in Amsterdam, take a bike and do as the locals do!

What is a coffee shop in Amsterdam?

Remember: a coffee shop in Amsterdam is NOT the coffee shop you think it is. A coffee shop in Amsterdam means a place where you can buy and smoke weed/pot. Sure, they serve coffee too if you want too but that’s not their main business.

Where can I find a map of the Red Light District?

More information and a map you can read and see on the Red Light District page.

Can I smoke weed in the street in Amsterdam?

Yes, you can. And it is allowed too so no worries about the police arresting you. Strictly to the law, it is prohibited, but it’s tolerated in The Netherlands. The possession of weed is also tolerated as long as it is in a portion for personal use. However, selling and buying weed outside the coffee shops is not tolerated!!

The possession, buying, and selling of hard drugs such as xtc, cocaine, and heroin is strictly prohibited. If you get caught by the police you are in serious trouble.

[alert type=”warning”]
WARNING!! Be very careful with the so-called ‘magic mushrooms’ which you can buy in Amsterdam. There have been several deaths. Never use them in combination with other drugs or alcohol.

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DISCLAIMER!! The above information about weed may change due to amendments in the law. We do not take any responsibility for the information provided. Ask the staff of the coffee shops for the latest policies and stay away from hard drugs!

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