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by Jeronimo

As each website does, we do use cookies to track the traffic to our website. The cookies used for this purpose are from Google Analytics. The use of this cookies helps us to see what we need to improve on our website.

We do use cookies for affiliate campaigns as well, this will generate some income for us to maintain this site and to provide you with much more content.

Protection of your information
The only personal information you can leave behind on our site is your e-mail address if you post a comment, if you sign up for the newsletter or if you use our contact form.

By posting your comment we ask for your e-mail to ensure you are not a robot something. We will never use your e-mail for any purposes or share your e-mail with third parties.

When using our contact form, your details will be used only to reply to your request or question.

When you signup for our newsletter, your e-mail is stored in the secured databases from MailChimp, we will never share your e-mail with third parties.

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Linking to other websites

We do use links to other websites, Facebook and other websites to inform you where you can find more information about the specific subject. We can not be held responsible for any content as shown on those websites or communities. We advise you to read the privacy policies and terms and conditions of those websites.

Read also our disclaimer.