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Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

by Jeronimo
Front of the Rijksmuseum building in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s most famous museum: Rijksmuseum

In The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, you will find a collection of famous Dutch painters such as Frans Hals and Rembrandt van Rijn, the latter known by just his first name: Rembrandt. In this museum you can see Rembrandt’s masterpiece The Night Watch.

The collection of art in the Rijksmuseum

In general, the museum is dedicated to the Dutch history and art. Besides famous paintings, you will also find a variety of art collections. In total around 8000 objects are on display, among them around 2000 paintings of the Dutch Golden Age.

Painting and art at Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

One of the galleries in the Rijksmuseum

You will find even an old cannon in the museum.

Art at the Rijksmuseum

Typical art in one of the galleries

This tin-glazed earthenware violin cannot be played, it is a decorative object.

The Night Watch

And here it is, Rembrandt’s masterpiece The Night Watch (De Nachtwacht).

Rembrandt's famous painting The Night Watch

The Night Watch from Rembrandt

Originally the painting was wider but at both sides of the painting part was cut off  as it did not fit in the Palace at the Dam where it was moved to in 1715. Rembrandt made this painting for the city’s civil guard for their headquarters in 1642. Rembrandt used different techniques for this painting, it even seems the hand op the captain is coming out of the painting. Although the painting might look small in this image, it’s not! The painting measures 3,63 meters by 4,37 meters (143 inch by 172 inches).

A 360° view of the wing where you can see the Night Watch painting.

Rijksmuseum Amserdam back side

Rijksmuseum seen from the back side at the Museum square

At the back of the museum, you will find some small kiosks where you can have a snack or just a coffee and relax from your visit. If the weather is fine, you can lay down on the grass of the Museum square, having a picknick or just enjoy some rest. You can also take a walk to the nearby Vondelpark.

The location of the Rijksmuseum

The museum is located along the outer canal, the “Singelgracht” and close to the Heineken Experience.

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Open: Daily from 9 AM till 5 PM
Ticket: € 17,50 per adult
Address: Museumstraat 1, Amsterdam

Multimedia tour: € 5,- p.p. or use the free app (search for ‘Rijksmuseum’ in I=iOS store or Google Play)

Free, supervised cloakroom.
Free wifi.
More background info: see the wiki page.

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