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Rooftop terrace NEMO

by Jeronimo
The rooftop terrace NEMO in Amsterdam

Rooftop terrace NEMO

Actually, the rooftop terrace NEMO is not a real rooftop terrace like other rooftop terraces in Amsterdam. Don’t expect music from a DJ or cocktails here. There is a restaurant, so you can grab something for lunch or a coffee.

The rooftop terrace is part of the NEMO Science Museum.

Why should I visit the rooftop terrace NEMO?

Well, if you stand at the top of this rooftop terrace, you have a stunning view of Amsterdam’s city center. You can take your own food and drinks up there and you can stay as long as you want.

See the rooftop terrace NEMO views yourself in this 360º view from the rooftop terrace.

When you are going to visit this rooftop terrace, remember this terrace is only accessible during the opening times of the NEMO Science Museum.


  • if you just want to soak some sun you can go anytime during opening hours
  • if you would like to take pictures of the view of Amsterdam you should go there in the morning.

Location of rooftop terrace NEMO

The terrace is on top of the roof on NEMO. You can access the terrace via the stairs next to the entrance of NEMO


[panel type=”info” heading=”General info Rooftop terrace NEMO” footer=””]
Open: daily from 10 AM to 5:30 PM. Before 8th of February 2018 and after 9th of September 2018 the terrace is closed on Monday. On Kingsday (April 27th) the terrace is closed as well
Admission: free entrance
Address: Oosterdok 2, Amsterdam


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