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This is Holland Flight Experience

by Jeronimo
This is Holland Flight Experience

The This is Holland Flight Experience

Are your ready for an almost true flight experience above Holland? Then you should definitely visit this newest attraction in Amsterdam.  In This is Holland you are soaring over The Netherlands from a bird’s eye view!

The This is Holland building

In here a true flight experience is waiting for you …

You will start in small group and all together you are passing along 3 rooms.
The This is Holland consists of 3 experiences:

  1. A short movie about the history of the Netherlands
  2. A short introduction about the high lights you are going to see in the Flight Experience
  3. The ultimate Flight Experience!

The history of the Netherlands

You get a small introduction of The Netherlands on an almost 180° screen. In this movie you learn more about of the history, about the fact that a certain part of The Netherlands is below sea level and what the Dutch did to live with it.

Projection in This is Holland

Projection on a map of The Netherlands

Short introduction of the This is Holland Flight Experience

In the next room you get more background information about the high lights you ar going the see in the Flight Experience. In the middle of this room you see a huge map of the country where on projections will be displayed.
You get the final information for the flight and then you are ready for the flight.

This is Holland Flight Experience!

In the next room you will take a seat in a kind of seat like on a roller coaster. Below this seat you can store your luggage.
Then the seats will move forward towards the giant screen and you will experience a 4D flight experience!
Be prepared for a fast, beautiful and at some moment bumpy flight!
You will feel the wind, the rain and you will smell the tulips!

Location of This is Holland

This is Holland is located next to the A’DAM Tower with the A’DAM Lookout.


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Open: Daily from 10 AM to 8 PM, last experience starts at 7 PM. Opening hours on official holidays until 6 PM.
Admission: € 16,50 per adult, children under 13 years € 9,50
Address: Overhoeksplein 51, Amsterdam

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Carlos Lopez 11th December 2017 - 5:46 PM

This was awesome! Huge screen and it really looked you were flying!
Wat a beautifull country is Holland!


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