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City park Vondelpark

by Jeronimo
Vondelpark Amsterdam in summer

Relax in the Vondelpark

The Vondelpark in Amsterdam is like Central Park in New York, the biggest park and a perfect place to take a walk or just relax after a long day of walking in the city.

Vondelpark seen from the bridge

A view of a part of the Vondelpark from the bridge

Largest park in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has more parks, the Vondelpark is the largest one. It welcomes almost 10 million visitors a year. A lot of Amsterdammers use the park for relaxation, but also for a sport like running or yoga. During the summer the park gets its real vibe with concerts and performances in the open-air theater. From June to roughly the end of August there are 4 performances a week in the open-air theater.

Relaxing at the shore of the Vondelpark

Enjoying the sun in the grass in the Vondelpark

Restaurants at the Vondelpark

You can find 2 restaurants at the park. One is called the ‘Blauwe Theehuis’. Its provided with a huge terrace where you can already enjoy a coffee in the morning. It opens at 09:00 AM till 8 PM in the evening, during the weekend from Friday till Sunday till 9 PM. During summer when the weather is really good it might stay open longer.

Restaurant Groot Melkhuis at Vondelpark

The terrace at the waterside of restaurant Groot Melkhuis

The other restaurant is ‘Groot Melkhuis’ which has a nice terrace at the waterside. Kids can play at the playground next to the restaurant. This restaurant opens at 10 AM in the morning till 5 PM, in the weekend till 6 PM. Closed on Monday.

People enjoying the Vondelpark

Visitors enjoying the park

On Kingsday (27th of April) the park gets really crowded, on that day its the domain of children. Children of all ages are selling toys, clothes and other stuff, perform or let you participate in little (fun) games, just to earn some money. If you are in Amsterdam on Kingsday, you should definitely pay a visit to the park!

Location of the Vondelpark

The park is located at the west side of the city center close to the Rijksmuseum.

[panel type=”info” heading=”General info Vondelpark” footer=””]
Entering the park with a scooter is not permitted
Camping is not permitted
The use of a barbecue is not permitted anymore

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Sandra 10th December 2017 - 11:06 AM

This park is lovely! We spent a couple hours there and had a lunch at the restaurant.
Would definitely recommend it!


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