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Where is Amsterdam?

by Jeronimo
Bridge at Lauriersgracht in Amsterdam

Where is Amsterdam located?

The city of Amsterdam is located in the west part of The Netherlands, not far from the Dutch coastline and more or less in the center of the western part in the province of North Holland. Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands.


What country is Amsterdam in, Holland or The Netherlands?

Now, this indeed might be confusing. First of all, The Netherlands consists of 12 provinces and 2 of those provinces are called South Holland and North Holland, there you have the name ‘Holland’. These 2 provinces together are called ‘Holland’and those 2 provinces are the most densely populated provinces of the country. Amsterdam is located in the North Holland province. The official name of the country however is The Netherlands, although even the Dutch people often use the name Holland. The Netherlands itself is part of The Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Kingdom of the Netherlands consists of The Netherlands, located in Europe and in the Carribean St. Martin, Aruba, Curacao and 3 special municipalities; Saba, St. Eustatius and Bonaire.

Still confused? Watch this video:

Amsterdam, capital of The Netherlands

Although the capital of The Netherland is Amsterdam, Amsterdam is not the capital of the province Noth Holland, that is the nearby city Haarlem. Amsterdam is the largest city in The Netherlands but is not ‘big’ in everything. The Dutch government is located in the 3rd largest city in The Netherlands: The Hague. Also, the Dutch King lives in this area. The largest harbor of The Netherlands is located in Rotterdam, the 2nd largest city in The Netherlands. In Utrecht, the 4th largest city in The Netherlands you will find the largest railway station. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the international airport of The Netherlands and its location is very close to Amsterdam downtown.

Did you know Amsterdam is close to other major cities?

Amsterdam – Londen: 214 miles (345 km)
Amsterdam – Brussel: 108 miles (173 km)
Amsterdam – Paris: 267 miles (430 km)
Amsterdam – Berlin: 360 miles (579 km)

Amsterdam in 360°


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